Your Place for Humor Therapy

WARNING: Exceeding the recommended dosage of NuTH0uSe can result in laughing fits, slapped knee caps and impaired taste. Use in combination with hot or alcoholic beverages may cause minor burns or stained clothing . Pregnant women, lactating women, balding men, voting Floridians and patients with high blood pressure should consult a physician regardless of whether they read NuTH0uSe. Any therapeutic claims have been ridiculed by the Food and Drug Administration.


So, you think you're funny? Prove it.

NuTH0uSe Magazine seeks laugh-out-loud commentary, verse and short fiction. All humor therapies are considered copyrighted by their mad creators. Anyone who reprints their ravings without their permission will be dressed like Richard Simmons, strapped into roller skates and shoved into a bikers bar while being forced to sing "Someday My Prince Will Come." Let's not have it come to that, eh? Reprinted material considered if the original publication is credited and the author retains the copyright. Submissions must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a response. Payment is a crappy contributor's copy. One-time rights are devoured.

Please send submissions to Nuthouse Magazine, c/o Twin Rivers Press, PO Box 119, Ellenton, FL 34222.